Crash Prevention Device Scheme

The South Australian Dairy Industry Fund is a fund created from the sale of the SADA Fresh Milk Product. The fund board has determined that in the absence of a SA Government subsidy scheme the fund should make a similar subsidy available to farmers. SADA will continue to lobby the South Australian Government for the introduction of a scheme similar to New South Wales and Victoria.

The Dairy Industry Fund – Crash Prevention Device Scheme

The Scheme parameters

Dairy farmers can apply for a rebate of up to $800 for the purchase of an operator protection device (OPD). The OPD must have been designed and manufactured in accordance with approved engineering standards and independently tested to be eligible for the rebate. There are currently two OPD devices that meet this criteria and are eligible for the rebate. They are the Quadbar™ and the ATV Lifeguard.

Rebates are available for all dairy farms with a quad bike.

The Dairy Industry Fund has set aside $100,000 for the rebate scheme with applications now being held open indefinitely.

Eligibility Criteria

The rebate is available to farmers that:

  • live and operate a dairy business in South Australia
  • possess a SA dairy licence
  • have no more than 10 full-time employees
  • own a quad bike for work purposes
  • have dairy farming as a substantial source of income.

Farmers who are owner-operators with no employees are eligible to apply.

If you wish to apply read the attached information hand out document to make sure you’re eligible and fill out the application form and email it to