Toasting the success of SADA Fresh

Posted on October 26, 2013

Dairy farmers and industry supporters gathered in the centre of Adelaide today to celebrate the official launch of SADA Fresh.

Special guest Agriculture Fisheries and Food Minister Gail Gago told the crowd that the SADA Fresh initiative aligned with the State’s Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment strategic priority, aimed at building the State’s brand and growing its capability. “SADA Fresh reflects what this priority is all about – the promotion of our premium quality and clean credentials and driving innovation to improve productivity and differentiate our product. We applaud SADA for this initiative,” Ms Gago said.

The Minister is pictured toasting the success of SADA Fresh with SADA president David Basham (left) and Coles Chief Operating Officer John Durkan.

The event attracted enormous media attention, with Sky News broadcasting the occasion live, and camera crews from every Adelaide-based television station, as well as print and radio journalists keen to cover the story. Visit our facebook page to see some of the coverage.